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How can I apply to the customs authorities to seize goods which infringe my intellectual property (IP) rights?

There are two methods for applying to customs for seizure of goods.

Software and E-Commerce

If software is developed in Europe but marketed in China, how can a copyright be obtained to protect the software? How long is the protection period?

Software is protected by a copyright upon its completion and does not require registration in order to be protected. The protection of software remains the same, whether it is domestic or foreign software, and is granted for the lifetime of the software proprietor and a 50 year term thereafter.


What is a trademark and what is protected by trademark law?

A trademark is a sign that serves the specific and primary purpose of identifying the goods or services of a producer, thus allowing the consumers to distinguish goods or services of one producer from those of another.


» We are a European based film studio and produce animated TV series featuring small animals as the main characters. The show is due to be broadcast in Europe over the festive season and our studio wants to support this broadcast by retailing toys based on the characters. We are considering the possibility of producing the toys for this one‐off sale in China.